About Me

I am Shannon Delaney. The first thing I tell anyone is that I am a mom of a crazy and psychotic little man named Michael. I am not the most interesting person in the world (at least I don’t think so). I am a cosmetologist- don’t like it. When my son was born my fiancé Thomas and I purchased my first camera after many years of not having one. That was the beginning of my new found love for photography. Soon enough I was hired to do a wedding… a WEDDING was my first photography job. Who would trust someone who knew nothing about it to do their wedding? One of my best friends did and because of that I was asked to do more and more jobs. This led me wanting to learn more and better my skill for not only others but for myself and the thing I love. I didn’t think I would find my passion and because of my son I found it, PHOTOGRAPHY.

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